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Due to high number of visitors, the Vianna da Motta Foundation Website is temporarily unavailable.

So we decided to create this small blog for exchanging information with future contestants or anyone who desires to contact us.

The Vianna da Motta Music Foundation

Address: Rua Professor Mira Fernandes, n.º 91, 1.º Esquerdo, 1900-382 Lisboa, PORTUGAL (Office in Lisbon)

E-mail: vianna.damotta@yahoo.com

phone: +351 963 832 421

XVII Vianna da Motta International Music Competition

Lisbon, July 20 – 31, 2010

Regulations &
Application Procedures


1.1 Purpose of the Competition
The Vianna da Motta Competition was started in 1956 by Sequeira Costa. It is held triennially and has been a member of the World Federation of International Music Competitions (with head offices in Geneva, Switzerland) since 1966. Former prizewinners include Naum Shtarkman, Nelson Freire, Vladimir Krainev, Victoria Postnikova, Ida Kavafian, Artur Pizarro and Tao Chang.
In 1995, Sequeira Costa, President and Founder of the Competition, also established The Vianna da Motta Foundation, a non-profit organization which serves as a parent-like entity to Competition, the VMF record label and historial archives.

1.2. Organized by
The Vianna da Motta Competition is under the auspices of the Portuguese Ministry of Culture. The competition is promoted by The Vianna da Motta International Music Foundation.

1.3. Supported by
Portuguese Ministry of Culture
Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation
Yamaha Corporation

1.4. Dates
Drawing lot: 19 July, 2010.
First Stage - Eliminatory Round: 21 July – 23 July, 2010.
Second Stage - Semifinals: 24 July – 26 July, 2010.
Third Stage - Final (solo): 28 July, 2010.
Reherseals with Orchestra: 29 July, 2010.
Fourth Stage - Final (with Orchestra): 30 July, 2010.
Final Gala Recital with three prizewinners: 31 July, 2010.

2. Application Procedures

2.1. Eligibility
The Competition is open to pianists of all nationalities, born on or after July 31, 1978 and no later than July 18, 1992 (age 18 to 32).

2.2 Application Period
Applications and supporting materials must be received at the competition office no later than February 28th, 2010.

2.3. Procedure
All applicants (candidates) will be accepted as long they provide the competition office with the following documentation:
- Application form (can be downloaded from The Vianna da Motta Music Foundation Web site: www.vdamotta.org).
- A photocopy of the candidate’s certificate of birth indicating nationality, date and place of birth.
- A photocopy of a diploma from a musical or university institution.
- Four photographs: 2 passport size, and 2 glossy black and white 5"x7" (1.25 x 1.74 cm).
- Two letters of recommendation from musicians of renown.
- A list of complete repertoire (not only the competition program). This list should be typed or written in block letters.
- A registration fee of 150 euros (NET, excluding all bank charges) effected through a wire transfer. A receipt of this wire transfer showing proof of payment is required and must be included with the application materials.
Wire transfer instructions:
ACCT # 145592026416
Routing # 101000187
Swift Code # USBK US 44 IMT
Prairie Village, KS 66207
Applications that do not provide this proof of payment will not be considered valid. In addition, the application will only be considered valid after the confirmation of the candidate’s acceptance by the organizers of the competition.

2.4. Applications to be sent to:

Address: The Vianna da Motta International Music Foundation (Office in Lisbon)
Rua Professor Mira Fernandes, n.º 91, 1.º Esquerdo, 1900-382 Lisboa, PORTUGAL.
Phone: 351-963-832-421
E-mail: vianna.damotta@yahoo.com
Web site: www.vdamotta.org


3.1. Travel and Accomodation
- Both travel expenses and accomodation are the responsability of each contestant. The competition does not provide airfare or any other travel expenses.
All candidates must make their own reservations at Lisbon hotels or residencies. A list of convenient places and prices will be sent long in advance so that the candidates can make their reservations.
- The organizers of the competition are not responsible for obtaining the visas for candidates accepted to the competition. The only form of assistance the competition will provide is a "letter" to the candidate stating that he/she has indeed been accepted to the competition. All other steps for obtaining the visa are the responsibility of the candidate.

3.2. Pratice Piano
A room with a grand piano will be made available to each contestant at no charge, for a period of at least 4 hours per day. The praticing days will have to be scheduled.

3.3. Drawing for Appearence Order
The order of presentation of competitors will be decided by the drawing of numbers. Each competitor will retain the same number throughout the competition.

4. Judging of the Competition
The Jury decisions are irrevocable.
Jury Members:
- President and Founder, José Carlos Sequeira Costa
- Other Jury Members will be announced soon.

5. Prizes
1st Grand Prize Vianna da Motta Gold Medal .......................................€ 30,000
(given by Ministério da Cultura…)
2nd Prize Silver Medal ..........................................................................€ 20,000
3rd Prize Bronze Medal ....................................................................... € 10,000
Special prize for the interpretation of Chopin’s Nocturne ....................... € 500
Special prize for the best portuguese contestant ..................................... € 500

The Grand Prize Winner will also be awarded:
- Concerts with The Gulbenkian Orchestra, and will perform recitals in the major festivals of Portugal.
- CD recording on the VMF label.
Other engagements are beeing negotiated.
Each 3 prizewinners will receive a diploma signed by the President of the Vianna da Motta Competition and all Jury Members.
Competitors admitted to the "semi-finals" will receive a certificate.

Repertoire List


J. S. Bach – One Prelude and Fugue amoung the following:
Book I
BWV 849 in C sharp minor
BWV 863 in G sharp minor
BWV 867 in B flat minor
BWV 869 in B minor
Book II
BWV 870 in C major
BWV 871 in C minor
BWV 878 in E minor
BWV 891 in B flat minor

Mozart – One Sonata among the following:
KV 310; KV 311; KV 330; KV 332; KV 333; KV 457; KV 576.

Chopin – One Etude, except the following:
Op. 10 – no. 3; no. 6; no. 9; no. 12.
Op. 25 – no. 1; no. 2; no. 3; no. 7; no. 9; no. 12.


Beethoven – One Sonata among the following:
Op. 7; Op. 22; Op. 31 no. 1; Op. 101; Op. 110; Op. 111.

Chopin – One Etude among the following:
Op. 10 – no. 3 or no. 6.
Op. 25 no. 7.

One Etude among the following composers:
Feux follets
Chasse neige

Op. 33 no.7
Op. 39 no. 1
Op. 39 no. 3
Op. 39 no. 5

Compulsory Work :
Chopin – Nocturne Op. 62 no. 1 in B major.

One work representing the candidate's nationality, composed after 1955.
A copy of the score will be submitted to the jury. (not longer than 5 minutes)

THIRD ROUND (Final Solo)

One hour recital with works not previously played.
One major piece should be included among the following:

Schumann – Carnaval Op. 9 or Kreisleriana
Liszt – B minor sonata or Après une lecture du Dante
Brahms – Sonata Op. 5
Ravel – Gaspard de la nuit
Stravinsky – Petrouchka
Prokofiev – Sonata no. 8

FOURTH ROUND (Final Concert with the Gulbenkian Orchestra)

One Concerto among the following:

Beethoven – Concerto no. 4
Brahms – Concerto no. 1
Chopin – Concerto no. 1
Rachmaninov – Concerto no. 2
Saint-Saëns – Concerto no. 2